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It isn’t summer on Cape Cod until local beaches, boat launches and The Canal are busy with recreational traffic. Even during the comparatively slower off-season, boaters of all skill levels can experience an occasional accident. Additionally, boats can take damage while docked or in storage. Without proper insurance, you could be left paying for repairs, medical expenses and other related damages out of your own pocket.

At Bridges Insurance Group, we help local boaters protect themselves, their passengers and their prized equipment year-round with strong and affordable coverage for boats, jet skis (PWC), yachts and other watercraft.

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Strong and Affordable Coverage

Despite common perception, boat insurance does not have to be expensive to be effective. Of course, it is advisable to steer clear of cut-rate bargain brands that only offer an attractive rate – and little else. Such plans often feature high deductibles, low limits and a narrow scope of coverage.

Competitive Pricing on Boat, Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft Insurance

At Bridges Insurance Group, we proudly deliver solid boat, jet ski (PWC) and watercraft Insurance solutions that are still competitively priced. We consult directly with you to pair you with coverage that reflects your unique risk exposures and budget. Complete replacement, wreckage removal, fuel spill cleanup and on-water towing are just a few specific options worth considering.

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At Bridges Insurance Group, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer experiences rooted in consistent value and professionalism

Years of providing boat, jet ski (PWC) and watercraft insurance on Cape Cod, the Islands and throughout the region has helped us form invaluable working relationships with the industry’s top providers. We are able to deliver flexible, robust and economic coverage with the personalized service you expect from a local business. The positioning of our Falmouth office makes purchasing and managing your coverage convenient. We can assist you over the phone or online as well.

Strong and Affordable Insurance Coverage

Some things are too important to cut corners on. Insurance is one of them.

When you buy bargain-rate coverage from national brands who put savings above all else, you often get what you pay for. When working with our team at Bridge Insurance Group, you’ll receive so much more than just an affordable premium. Your coverage will be customized to fit your unique risk profile, budget and other personal variables.