Protect Your Costal Property

You likely took great care in deciding to make the initial purchase of your Cape Cod home as well as when investing in it with upgrades and renovations. The same level of effort should be applied when shopping for coastal home insurance to protect it with. At Bridges Insurance Group, we help year-round and seasonal residents stay prepared for extreme weather, fires, flooding, crime and other unforeseeable circumstances with personalized coverage solutions. Even if you are only visiting for an abbreviated stay, our short-term rental insurance can help you enjoy the experience with complete peace of mind.

Stay prepared for whatever unexpected circumstances arise

Airbnb, VRBO & Rental Home Insurance

Short term rentals are a great way to share your space with others while turning a tidy profit. In order to be successful, you need to be safe. Protect your guests and your property with specialized insurance coverage designed for those who use Airbnb, VRBO and other short term rental platforms.

Flood Insurance

Don’t let water damage worries get in the way of enjoying your property. You can count on our experienced agents to help you find peace of mind with customized flood insurance. We have years of experience navigating ever-changing flood zones, extreme storms and other risks associated with living on Cape Cod.

Strong and Affordable Coastal Home Insurance for Properties of Diverse Scales and Values

From cozy condos, cabins and beach bungalows to full-size family homes and sprawling estates — you can count on our team at Bridges Insurance Group for the coverage that you need. Through direct consultation, we can assess the specific risk factors your home faces, flood zone status, estimated replacement cost of key features and other personal variables.

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Professional and Pleasant Customer Experience

At Bridges Insurance Group, you have access to coverage from the industry’s most reputable companies combined with the personalized service you can only find at a local business like ours.

Our Falmouth office is ideal for Cape Cod residents who are located on either side of the bridges. We are also happy to help you find the right coastal home insurance over the phone or via online correspondence. If the need to make a claim should ever arise, our staff members are here to help you effectively navigate the process.

Strong and Affordable Insurance Coverage

Some things are too important to cut corners on. Insurance is one of them.

When you buy bargain-rate coverage from national brands who put savings above all else, you often get what you pay for. When working with our team at Bridge Insurance Group, you’ll receive so much more than just an affordable premium. Your coverage will be customized to fit your unique risk profile, budget and other personal variables.