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You’ve worked hard to open your Cape Cod restaurant and make it a success. Don’t let unforeseeable events spoil your efforts. You can protect yourself from extreme weather, fire, accidents, crime and much more with the right restaurant insurance. When local restaurateurs need quality coverage at an affordable rate, they count on our team at Bridges Insurance Group. We proudly provide peace of mind to diverse local restaurants of every size — from craft coffee bars, gastropubs and family eateries to fine dining, banquet halls, restaurants with live music and everything in between.

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Personalized Coverage

Like other Massachusetts businesses, Cape Cod restaurants with employees are required to have workers compensation insurance. If you serve alcoholic drinks, you will need liquor liability insurance as well. Many commercial leases also stipulate the tenants have property insurance for the space. Your delivery cars, trucks and other vehicles will need commercial auto insurance too. When purchasing restaurant insurance, avoid bare minimum coverage. Such a plan could leave you financially devastated when a situation arises to use it. Our experienced agents can help you determine an appropriate level of protection. We can also make suggestions for additional options like spoilage, business interruption, food contamination and more.

Insurance coverage that reflects your unique risk factors

When you work with our team at Bridges Insurance Group, you get more than just a great rate. In addition to exceptional value, we deliver rock-solid protection and a level of customer service you can only find at a local Cape Cod agency like ours.

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When you work with our team at Bridges Insurance Group, you will have access to insurance from the industry’s top providers

We consult directly with you to familiarize ourselves with your operation, then make recommendations for accommodating restaurant insurance plans from the industry’s top providers. The positioning of our Falmouth office is ideal for owners of restaurants located on either side of the bridge. We can also discuss and manage your coverage over the phone and through online correspondence.

Strong and Affordable Insurance Coverage

Some things are too important to cut corners on. Insurance is one of them.

When you buy bargain-rate coverage from national brands who put savings above all else, you often get what you pay for. When working with our team at Bridge Insurance Group, you’ll receive so much more than just an affordable premium. Your coverage will be customized to fit your unique risk profile, budget and other personal variables.